Grassroots Megalodon 150cm Powdersurf


Only 1 piece in stock!

The Megalodon is one of our deep powder guns, ideal for deep days in open terrain and a great ride in both mellow and steeper slopes.  This board features our CDC 3-Dimensional base technology, giving this board enhanced float, better leverage for bite in your turns, and more precision control. Wide and low profile nose, deep sidecut and a lightly kicked up and flared swallow tail give this board incredible float and planing in the deepest and lightest snow conditions. It’s volume is equal to a 170cm snowboard and it’s tail shape and length make for slower turning edge to edge when compared to the shorter tapered models; resulting in a stable and Cadillac-like ride. This board excels in deeper powder conditions of 8 inches or more but may not be as forgiving as many of the other models when the powder gets below about 7 inches.  A great addition to the quiver for the deep blower days, and a good board choice for larger riders.

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