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Union Youth 2023 Cadet Bindings - White

Union Youth 2023 Cadet Bindings - White
Union Youth 2023 Cadet Bindings - White

Union Youth 2023 Cadet Bindings - White


Union Youth 2023 Cadet Bindings - White

The Cadet XS is a mini version of what the pros ride, built with light, durable materials and an ample range of adjustments for growing feet. Featuring Union's Duraflex highback, real aluminum straps and an extruded 3D heelcup. These bindings will have your grom ripping straight out of the gate.


Minimal Base Contact = True Board Flex - Union baseplates are designed to provide supreme strength while minimally interfering with your board's natural flex. Minimal board to binding contact means sweeter response, better board control, and improved durability.


Cadet Duraflex Highback - Union's exclusive Duraflex material was specifically engineered to maintain consistent flex in a wide range of cold temperatures.

Tool-Less FLAD (Forward Lean Adjuster) - Easy adjustment allows you to customize your highback lean on the fly.


Forma XS Ankle Strap - New and improved, the design of the Forma XS Ankle Strap offers the same strength and pillowed comfort as the full-size Forma, just sized down for youth bindings.

Ultra Grip™ Toe Strap with Secure-Lock - Redesigned to feature multi-positional options with an open, Ultra Grip toe to keep your foot locked in.

Aluminum Buckles - Lightweight, fast in, and fast out. Union aluminum is second to none.


Size-Proportionate Fiberglass Index - Bigger riders require stiffer bindings. Union proportionally increases the fiberglass content in each size of their bindings so that any rider who straps in will have perfect support.

Extruded 3D Aluminum Heelcups - A new process removes as much excess material as possible in the heelcup to reduce weight while maintaining tried and true strength. Union heelcups undergo an anodizing process reinforcing the already bombproof apparatus with another 30-percent strength. It's serious strength in a streamline package.

Universal Disk - Compatible with 4x4, 4x2, and Channel mounting inserts, Union disks are bombproof and use the highest grade materials to insure the strongest connection between you and your board.

Multi-Density Thermoformed EVA Bushings - Union's innovative injected-EVA baseplate bushing system dampens vibrations underfoot to promote a more comfortable ride and a smooth, even board flex with no dead spots. Each binding size comes with its own durometer for custom performance.

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