Vans 2022 Standard XF MTE Snow Boots - Black/Gum


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Vans 2022 Standard XF MTE Snow Boots - Wolle Nyvelt

If you want a powder surfing boot, look no further

Soft enough to give you board feel when you have no bindings

But stiff enough to give you support when you have no bindings


**These are a powder surfing boot and are not meant to be ridden with traditional snowboard bindings***


Product Details


Custom built snowboard boot-style liner

Lacing System

Traditional Laces  Reliable and customizable flex patterns make this traditional feature one that will always be on the market.

Powercuff Strap  Provides extra support at the top of the boot for increased stability and response.


V2 Popcush Footbed


Grippy MTE Outsole

Additional Features

Waterproof vulcanized and seam-sealed construction

Waterproof Breathable Valves  Allow one-way moisture management by transporting moisture away from your foot


Men's unisex sizing


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