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About Us

The Directive


Directive is a skater owned and operated, brick and mortar boardshop located in Logan, Utah. We supply everything skate, snow, shoes, and clothes related.


Established in 2003, our goal has always been to provide for the skateboard and snowboard communities needs with our knowledgeable staff and curated product offerings. From the start, we have fostered an ever growing community focusing on sharing the passion for all things skateboarding and snowboarding.


In 2020, we expanded our product catalog to the rest of the US through our online store. Our website inventory is real time and available on hand at our storefront for purchase. We ship all orders from our in-store inventory.


The Directive team strives to help our local community flourish by advocating for skateparks in our area, providing skate lessons, and being involved in the scene as genuine supporters of skateboarding and snowboarding. We personally put on events such as video premieres, contests, demos, product drops, gear drives, and other meetups to link the scene together. We are constantly trying to be more socially and environmentally responsible as well. Some of our sustainability efforts include packing online orders with reused and recycled materials, reducing our carbon footprint, donating to charities, helping rebuild ecosystems, and moving a portion of our apparel business to selling second hand vintage clothing. As we continue to grow, we look forward to expanding our social initiatives as well as providing skateboarders and snowboarders with a sense of belonging here at Directive.


We hope to see you soon :)






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