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Flux 2024 CO Snowboard Bindings - Erik Leon

$300.00 $180.00
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Flux 2024 CO Snowboard Bindings - Erik Leon

$300.00 $180.00
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Flux 2024 CO Snowboard Bindings - Erik Leon

Explosive speed and power at your disposal.

Eric Leon is working on a project called CORE , which is based on the concept of environmentally friendly snowboarding gear that everyone can enjoy.

The CO uses recycled plastic and is environmentally friendly, while the combination of a stiff highback and GENETIC base provides firm support for your feet.

The M size is set higher than the regular M and boasts outstanding responsiveness.

The design expresses his unique sensibility.


Solid Highback

The constriction in the center creates flex at the top, eliminating strain on boots and ankles.

Recycle Tough Nylon Plus

Mixing recycled materials with glass fiber improves stability and operability in hard conditions and at high speeds.

Micro Adjuster

If you move it forward one memory, it will lean forward approximately 2.5 degrees. More detailed high back settings are possible.

Genetic Baseplate

A new generation standard of FLUX equipped with a stabilizer that converts power transmission into repulsive force in order to make the most of the board's bounce.

Recycle Performance Blend

Medium flex for most all-round use. Compatible with all riding scenes. Made from recycled materials.

Comfort Footbed

Comfortable footbed that doesn't get clogged with snow, has a flat sole, and has excellent shock absorption.

Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion

Movable cushion that allows adjustment of toe side and heel site to suit boot size and board width.

Honeycomb Strap Ver,2.0

A two-layer structure with a waffle cushion that provides a comfortable hold and ease of movement that you'll forget you're wearing it, and a Power Strap that transmits power directly.

Micro ratchet buckle

A newly designed ratchet buckle that securely tightens until the last tightening. Comes with a bottle opener function so you don't have to worry about toasting.


In order to increase power transmission, the center line is strong, and the upper and lower ends are made with a special Transfer strap that has increased flexibility and a better fit with boots.


Store the belt smoothly to avoid getting caught in the snow during toe-side turns.

UU Fit

A system that wraps the boots from 360° by attaching a strap belt between the heel cup and the high back. This provides a natural holding feeling and equalization of pressure.

Multi Disc

Multi-disc that can be installed on either 4x4 or 2H. It is also possible to install it by shifting it by 5mm or 10mm from front to back or from side to side.

Toolless Lever

The best settings can be made without tools. Comes with a stopper to prevent screws from loosening.

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