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Nitro 2023 Women's Optisym Snowboard - Assorted Sizes

Nitro 2023 Women's Optisym Snowboard - Assorted Sizes
Nitro 2023 Women's Optisym Snowboard - Assorted Sizes

Nitro 2023 Women's Optisym Snowboard - Assorted Sizes


Nitro 2023 Women's Optisym Snowboard - 142, 146

The women´s Optisym is for all those snowboarders who enjoy friendly freestyle snowboarding, which means turning everything into a feature, even a groomed run or the sidehits of park landings, switching from airtime tricks to flat ground tricks within seconds. This freestyle snowboarding style is probably the most relatable and achievable - which is why Nitro decided to make a board for the flatlands - the dreamers - the Optisymers.

The freestyle-friendly women's Optisym snowboard is equipped with a revolutionary heelside core technology, called the Powerwall, which provides more strength to the heel sidewall and more agility when on your heel edge, allowing for more precise heelside turns and butters. The Optisym´s mid-wide shape reduces toe and heel drag, essential for progressing your carves, butters, and flatland tricks. The asym twin shape and Dual Degressive sidecut allow endless control when carving and navigating the entire mountain. Quick and high ollies are guaranteed with the Cam-Out Camber and Reflex Core Profile, while the flex pattern in the nose and tail will enable you to hold butters like a pro. If you are looking for a mid-wide friendly freestyle snowboard for side hits, flatlanding, carving, and jibbing anywhere on the mountain - then the Optisym is the board you need to reignite that optimistic portal inside of you! The only difference between the men's and women's Optisym snowboards are the board widths and sizes; that’s it, so if you are looking for a bigger size, check out the larger sizes and vice versa. Now let’s start a friendly freestyle revolution together!


  • Shape 
  • Asym Twin
  • Camber 
  • Cam-Out Camber
  • Width 
  • Standard
  • Flex 
  • Urban
  • Sidecut 
  • Dual Degressive

Special features

  • Powercore
  • Whiplash Core Profile
  • Powerwall
  • Ureshred Sidewalls
  • Bi-lite Laminates
  • Railkiller Edge
  • Premium Extruded FH Base

Sustainability Efforts

  • Climate Neutral Product
  • FSC Certified
  • 100% Natural Speed Wax

Riding Style

All Mountain - 8

Backcountry - 6

Park - 10

Flex - 6


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