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One Ball Eco Leaf Glove Waterproofing Wax

One Ball Eco Leaf Glove Waterproofing Wax
One Ball Eco Leaf Glove Waterproofing Wax
One Ball Eco Leaf Glove Waterproofing Wax

One Ball Eco Leaf Glove Waterproofing Wax


One Ball Eco Glove Waterproofing Wax


Waterproofs Gloves in minutes!

  • Specially formulated with only natural wax and oil
  • Applies in seconds. Cleans as you go. No build-up
  • Dirt, dust and water repellent
  • Excellent for use on all chains. Mountain bike, gravel, road, BMX
  • No Fluoro, No PTFE, No Silicone, No Chemicals of any kind
  • Hydrocarbon free
  • Vegetarian friendly
  • Not tested on animals
  • Not Toxic
  • Highly water repellent formula conditions and preserves leather
  • Seals water out while still allowing the leather to breathe including Goretex like materials. 


With over 30 years of formulating alpine waxes One Mfg has developed a special 100% Eco wax made with only natural waxes, oils, and additives that waterproofs your gloves. The wax and oils penetrate the leather while conditioning and waterproofing the surface and seams. As the gloves get used and then dried again with heat, the wax releases oils again and again making your gloves last while keeping you dry.

Size: 2.8 oz. 80g

Applications: 3-4 gloves or 2 pairs of boots or shoes. 

Two applications last longer in wet conditions.

Use: Warm if possible. Insert gloves and scoop out at least a tablespoon of wax. Mash it up with both hand until gloves are completely covered. Aggressively push wax into all seams. Heat gloves with a hair dryer, heat gun or heat source to melt the wax and oils which will be absorbed into the leather. Allow to dry. For absorption, allow up to one hour between treatments. 

Dirty gloves, shoes, and boots?: Wash off with mild soap and warm water all grease, oil, dirt and soil. Completely dry before applying wax.

Caution: Keep away from heat sources. Keep away from children and pets. Do not eat.

One Mfg Made in the USA

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