Smith Grom Youth Goggle - Black Red Sensor Mirror

$49 $70

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Twice the number of traditional kid features at half the price? The only question you'll have with the Smith Grom Goggles is how you can snatch a pair of your own. Ideal protection for the budding snow enthusiast, the Grom Goggles are fully compatible with eyeglasses and helmets and feature spherical glare-cutting Carbonic-X lenses. Progressing beyond the base? TLT lens tech promotes crystal clear vision so your shredder-in-training can work on linking parallels turns or catching little airs without the typical encumbrances, while a Patented Porex filter prevents optical distortion during rapid changes in elevation. Get your youngin' dialed and get ready to play catch-up when he or she takes off in the Smith Grom Goggles this season.

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